Creative Director
 Welcome. Welcome. Thanks for checking my humble little site out!   I'm a proud Tennessean who left the Smokies behind and have been traveling around for decades; from Charleston to Jackson Hole, and from Paris to NYC.  My passion project (and exit strategy!) is  Inside Elsewhere , a curated travel and lifestyle site which my wife and I work on when we're not "working."   When I'm not strategically planning out my next adventure, I am a freelance Director, DP and Creative Consultant. Oh, almost forgot Producer.   I'm passionate about film, photography, story-telling and technology and have been shooting since the early days of Beta and VHS.   I moved to Paris in 2000 and started working on documentaries and my photography. After 7 wonderful years, I moved to NYC to work with the uber talented producers, directors, editors and DPs at The Documentary Group which was founded by ABC's Peter Jennings. They kept me around for 7+ years.   Some of my work has won awards. (I use the term "my" loosely - there's always a ton of talented people involved.) Some has been broadcast on networks you might have heard of like ABC, PBS, HBO, ARTE, Discovery, Travel Channel, TVGN etc... And there are thousands online.   I also shoot and direct commercial spots and branded content content that tells a story, or tries to. But most of all, I love meeting and working with amazing people on incredible projects.  Are you amazing? Is your project incredible? If so, let's do this. 917-969-1159

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